Taxi Sightseeing The Entrance to Michinoku: Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture.More freedom in sightseeing; a wider range of destinations; more freedom in travel.

The purpose for travel and what someone wants to get out of their trip is different for each individual person. Navigators who are knowledgeable about their hometown will help you make a trip best suited to you, from picking the destination to choosing the route to get there. Try out a plan made just for you that can’t be found in guidebooks or online searches! 

What is Taxi Sightseeing? 

"More freedom in sightseeing and a wider range of destinations."

During your travels, have you ever asked the staff at your lodgings or your taxi driver where you can find the best local food or what sightseeing spots you definitely shouldn’t miss? Information that only locals know about, the kind that can’t be found in guidebooks or on the internet, is extremely valuable. This service will allow you to talk with navigators about restaurants popular with the locals, hidden places the average tourist doesn’t know about, and more. You can decide where you want to go right then and there, and your navigator will take you to your destination via the best route, letting you travel more freely. 

Local TV Station × Local Taxi Operator

A local TV station that is familiar with the region and a taxi operator that experiences a variety of stories in their everyday work have teamed up for this project. By utilizing the unique information and videos provided by the TV station and the personal information of the taxi drivers, we will provide the optimal trip for you. Families, couples, or single travelers; here we can offer customized trips that fulfill the travel goals of anyone and everyone.

Local TV Station × Local Taxi Operator

The Optimal Route to Your Destination

Taxi Sightseeing will provide you with the best route to take you to your destination. For people who want to arrive even one minute faster, we’ll find the shortest route; for those who want to sightsee along the way, we’ll take you along a route where you can see scenery that can only be enjoyed on the road. In addition, we can create the most suitable route for you by adjusting the time spent at other sightseeing spots so that you can arrive at the restaurant or shop you want to visit at a time when it’s not crowded. This model of tourism is only possible with the help of the local taxi operator.

Introducing New Places with Videos: Decide Where You Want to Go On the Spot

There will be tablets installed in the taxis authorized by Taxi Sightseeing. On these tablets, there will be videos about recommended spots to visit that can be viewed offline. While watching these videos, you can talk with your navigator (taxi driver) and ask them questions. There are extra benefits unique to Taxi Sightseeing, such as information on seasonal and limited-time places that you can enjoy during the period you’re visiting, the best scenery during the time of your trip, and more. 

Introducing New Places with Videos: Decide Where You Want to Go On the Spot

Shirakawa City Navigators

10 taxi drivers from Shirakawa Tourism Transportation who are knowledgeable about Shirakawa City are participating. On average, they each have over ten years of experience as taxi drivers; these navigators know every detail of Shirakawa City. There are also a variety of personalities among them, such as Shirakawa ramen specialists, so they can help you make the most of your trip. 

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